Nearly two thousand new top level domains (TLDs) will soon be introduced.

  1. These TLD owners will all try to sell thru the traditional Registrar channel. 
  2. Existing TLD owners will have stiff competition from the new TLDs that will drive down registration and renewal volume.
  3. Existing TLD owners will not be able to promote new product add-ons through the registrar channel


To increase revenue and domain name sales, existing TLD owners must become a registrar themselves, or develop a network of new channel partners, resellers and affiliates, as well as promote upgrades and add-ons.

To enable this eco-system, New TLD owners must build or buy a software solution to enable Registrars, Resellers and Affiliates.


Fly9's TLD Accelerator Platform is the solution. 


Main Features:


TLD owners who are interested in Fly9's TLD Accelerator Platform are often also interested in our Fly9 TLD Auction Platform (TAP).



If you are interested, please call us at +1.855-FLY9-TLD for a demo.