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Nearly two thousand new top level domains (TLDs) will soon be introduced.

  1. These TLD owners will all try to sell thru the existing, crowded Registrar channel. 
  2. Not all of the new TLDs will get adequate placement in popular Registrar websites
  3. Even for those TLD owners who find placement, they have opportunity to increase revenues by developing other channels and up sell add-on products with customized purchase path..

New TLD owners must think about how to accelerate their domain name sales by becoming registrar themselves or develop an eco-system of registrars, resellers and affiliates.

To enable this eco-system, New TLD owners must build or buy a software solution to enable registrars, resellers and affiliates with auction capability.


Fly9's TLD Distribution Platform is the solution, enabling registrars, resellers and affiliates to sell your TLD domains with no cost to them.


This enable TLD owners to own retail stores to promote their TLD products while using the existing crowded registrar channels. 


TLD owners does not need to worry about day to day operations, instead let Fly9 provide full support including operations. TLD owners responsibility is to drive the traffic to the retail stores and promote their TLD brand with an unique offerings.


Main Features:

  • Fly9 let you open branded TLD retail store fronts with your own customizable purchase path. e.g) Nike has world wide retail store fronts as well as their reseller channel. Fly9 believes, New TLD owners use the same model with minimal overhead.
  • Supports all phases of your TLD starting from pre-orders, sunrise, land rush, to auctions and go-live
  • Integrated auctions for your TLD to increase the revenues and control TLD auction prices.
  • Pre-integrated Trade Mark Clearing House (TMCH), so your partners can take sunrise orders from day one with no cost to them.
  • Built for cloud scale.


TLD owners who are interested in Fly9's TLD Distribution Platform are often also interested in our TLD Auction Platform for one-stop-shop for all their TLD needs.


If you are interested, please call us at +1.855-FLY9-TLD for a demo.





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About Fly9

Fly9 was founded by a domain industry expert with a mission to help new TLD owners to maximize sales volume. We are a small, lean and agile team that believes in developing tools and services to promote TLD growth. Our offices are in Portland, Oregon and Bellevue, WA. Employees and associates are in Portland Oregon, Ontario Canada, Spain and India.


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