Nearly two thousand new top level domains (TLDs) will soon be introduced.

  1. These TLD owners will all try to sell through the existing registrar channel. 
  2. Not all of these new TLDs will get adequate placement in popular Registrar websites to take sunrise orders.
  3. Even for those TLD owners who find placement they have opportunity to take sunrise orders thru new channels through an easy and simple portal designed for registrars, resellers and affiliates. 

To generate revenue during the sunrise period, new TLD owners must become a registrar themselves or develop an eco-system of registrars, resellers and affiliates.

To enable this eco-system, new TLD owners must build or buy a software solution to enable registrars, resellers and affiliates.


Fly9's TLD Sunrise Order Platform offers an effective solution. 

Main Features:


TLD owners who are interested in Fly9 TLD Sunrise Order Platform are often also interested in our TLD Auction Platform (TAP).


If you are interested, please call us at +1.855-FLY9-TLD for a demo.