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Ravi Surayapalem, currently president of Fly9 LLC, has a long history working with Afilias. Ravi made significant contributions to the successful implementation of Afilias’ DNS with IDN Email and continues to work closely with Afilias on other technical initiatives.
Afilias http://afilias.info/
I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ravi Surapalem for over a decade. As CTO of Snapnames I worked closely with Ravi where he developed their secondary market platform. He developed a robust domain name Registrar platform for NameSystem.com. As Senior Director of Software Engineering at Afilias Ltd I engaged Ravi to work with the Rapid Development group where he was also a substantial contributor. Ravi worked on the IDN Email platform, and many other projects. As the current CTO of ICM Registry I have continued to use Ravi as an important resource. During our launch and sunrise phase Ravi developed a system critical to our Epp Membership system. I cannot recommend anyone more highly than Ravi. In each and every case where we have worked together Ravi has proven reliable and extremely technically competent. His knowledge and experience of the Domain Name Industry is complete and impressive. As President of FLY9 LLC Ravi is in the position to provide world class products and services to the Domain Name Industry, just as he has for me over the previous decade.
Len Bayles CTO, ICMRegistry.com
Fly9 is the product of many years of experience in the domain name industry. The industry is changing and growing, and this experience has made it possible for Fly9 to identify and develop products and services that anticipate changing needs. I have worked with Ravi since 2008 in the domain name industry, on projects at Afilias including their managed DNS service, where Ravi was a pleasure to work with and made it easy to get things done. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Ravi and Fly9, you will no doubt find it both enjoyable and profitable.
Bill Snow http://tinyplanet.ca/about/
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1400 SW 5th Ave, 3rd floor(Fly9)
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11820 Northup Way, suite E-200
Bellevue, WA 98005
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Mon. to Fri. 9am to 5pm
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About Fly9

Fly9 was founded by a domain industry expert with a mission to help new TLD owners to maximize sales volume. We are a small, lean and agile team that believes in developing tools and services to promote TLD growth. Our offices are in Portland, Oregon and Bellevue, WA. Employees and associates are in Portland Oregon, Ontario Canada, Spain and India.


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